Bonded Ceramic Filling

   You may have had silver amalgam fillings in the past to protect teeth damaged by cavities, but you have other alternatives now. This can be especially important in treating teeth that show when you open your mouth to talk or smile. Full Story

Self-Hate - Striving For Perfection

   When we are driven to do everything perfectly and to be as great as we are in our imagination, we establish a standard which is impossible to live up to. Full Story


Hurricane Grant Leaves Residents All Washed Up

   Canarsie homeowners still dealing with Hurri-cane Sandy issues have one more thing to worry about – washing machines that don’t work. Ten residents were given free washers in December 2013. Full Story

Community Board 18 Facing Fiscal Fiascos In 2016

   Conjuring up a document that reflects the shared views and concerns of residents, civic leaders, parents and elected officials is a lot of work. Full Story




Local Mas Camp Prepares For Upcoming Carnival Season

   “Sixteen years and I’m enjoying it just as much as I did when I first started,” said associate band leader Wendell Jack. Jack and his band, which is named Controversial Festival, are located in Canarsie at Farragut Road. Full Story


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