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Senior Abused At Vandalia Houses, Residents Want More Security

Dear Editor:

It has finally happened. A male senior, supported by a walker, was recently verbally abused - called three and four lettered names and his disability was made fun of, as he sat in the lobby of building 77 Vandalia Avenue. The abuser was the son of the woman living in apartment 4M. At the time, the son was drunk. He was angry with the senior for not admitting him into the building. The golden rule for all seniors is: do not open doors for anyone you do not know.

After the abuser had gained entrance to the building, he entered while someone with a key came in. He then walked over to the seated senior, removing a long can of beer from his pocket, and struck the senior on his right shoulder. Although there were women present, they too were frightened and, as such, did not attempt to do or say anything. “Of course, I was afraid,” says the senior. “There I was sitting in my walker and this drunken person, the son of my neighbor, threatening me with a can of beer.” He continued with, “Sure, I am very happy that he didn’t hit me in the head or in my face.”

The question remains: “Where is the protection?” When the senior telephoned NYCHA, telling them about the incident, and asking for cameras, he was told that since Vandalia Houses is not a crime area, no cameras would be placed in either building.

From our very first letter to your office, we find ourselves asking once again: What is management going to do? Wait for another senior monthly group meeting? Should seniors need to carry protection around with them? They should not have to live like that. What we find unbelievable is that the president and vice president of the senior committee didn’t know anything about the incident. They too live in the same building. Is there a valid reason why a senior would not consult the committee’s president or vice president?

Thank you,

The Vandalia Seniors

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