2017-11-09 / Letters/Opinion

Rents Are Too High

Dear Editor:

I’m a senor citizen, 65, on a fixed income. I read the Canarsie Courier every week – heck, I’m an old-timer. I remember when my friend Barry was selling it at the train station for 10 cents – in the mid 60’s.

Every week, I shake my head, the rents just climb to the sky – $1,000, $1,100, $1,200, $1,300 for a studio apartment. One bedroom for $1,600, two bedrooms for close to $2,000 a month.

One apartment, the landlord wanted $1,650 a month and two months security – almost $5,000 just to walk into the apartment.

A studio or one bedroom used to be affordable – “average one week’s salary.” How can people get ahead paying rents like that? And for seniors who are forced to pay rent, it can mean “The End,” homelessness and NYC shelter bound.

The cost for greed…

Eddie The Error

AKA Fast Eddie and Fat Eddie

I lived here all my life from 8 years old. I love little old Canarsie! My home.


I’m so lucky my landlord is very good to me!!!

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