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Dara Mormile

Question : How do you feel about the quality of local bus transportation in the Canarsie area and what would you change about bus service in our community?

“It sucks. The B42 bus line is very slow. It should also come more often since it’s going out to Canarsie Pier.”

Trevor Shaw,

“I’m happy with the B103 line, but the B17 and B82 buses really need improvement - especially at nighttime. And even if it’s a little bit after rush hour in the morning, it’s more than a 10- minute wait for the B82.”

Minnette Brown,

“The B60 bus is one of the worst lines. There are buses waiting at the first stop, and people think they’re going to move but they don’t. One thing they should do is add a bus line that goes all the way to the other end of Flatlands Avenue into East New York by the Flea Market.”

Ann Marie Rameau,
East New York

“The service on all the buses here is terrible. You can never get a seat - they’re all extremely crowded. You can wait for a bus for 20 minutes and when it finally comes, there’s three of them at once.”

Joe Mayo,

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Reroute B103 bus to serve the

Reroute B103 bus to serve the East 105th Street "L" Subway Line then reroute and extend the B103 route to serve Stanley Avenue, Williams Avenue, Flatlands Avenue then into the Gateway Center Mall via Schenck Avenue through Gateway Drive & Erskine Street to terminate at Fountain Avenue. Operate B60 bidirectional along East 108th Street, Stanely Avenue, & Williams Avenue to Flatlands Avenue then into the Gateway Center Mall via Schenck Avenue through Gateway Drive to Erskine Street to also terminate at Fountain Avenue. Have B6 route also loop around Williams Avenue, Stanely Avenue and East 108th Street. Revise route path of B82 from Flatlands Avenue to Cozine Avenue/Glenwood Road and under B82SBS add a B82SBS stop at Pennsylvania Avenue/Cozine Avenue to better serve community and transfer one block to B20 route. Streamline B82/B82SBS along Cozine Avenue/Glenwood Road while B60 and B103 serve Flatlands Avenue.
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