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Questio n: Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of Seaview Park this summer? If not, how can the city make visitors’ experiences better at the park?

“I think the park is in great condition. I enjoy being here - especially with the nature trails. I just think the city should reach out to whoever they can to host more public events here.”

Jeffrey Brathwaite,


“It’s improved a lot – you don’t see any garbage remnants here – the newer end of the park has really improved. I bring my kids to the park all the time so cleanliness is important. I would just have more police here on the weekends to keep things under control.”

Jennifer Burgos,


“For the most part, it’s clean in the open areas – there’s just some litter close to a lot of the trees. In the back portion where there’s not as many trash bins, there’s some garbage. So I would just have the city add more garbage bins all the way in the back of the park.”

Shannon Brathwaite,


“The conditions of the park and picnic areas have been great since I moved here years ago – every hour I see staff picking stuff up. They stepped up their efforts for sure. The only thing I wish the city had for barbecuing areas is grill stations with bins of sand to get rid of barbecue coals.”

Thomas Johnson,


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The park is great. We have a

The park is great. We have a fantastic crew working and caring about it. We begged and pleaded to have dogie bag dispensers and now they are here. However, coming into the park they are all empty. We are going to ask for small bags and different dispensing units because people steal the larger bags. The other issue is lack of permits for weekend party users and lack of rule enforcement. We need to make it known to those responsible for enforcement that this is not acceptable. Double and triple parking with blasting music on Seaview has to be dealt with. USE IT DON"T ABUSE IT !!!
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