2017-08-10 / Guest Column


Root Canal To Save Your Tooth

If you think root canal therapy has something to do with extracting a tooth or that it makes a tooth turn black, you have a misconception about one of the most important dental procedures. Root canal therapy is usually recommended to save a tooth and prolong its usefulness for many years.

What it really amounts to is taking the nerve out of the tooth. The tooth is not extracted, nor does it turn black. You may notice some discoloration in the tooth after root canal therapy, but your dentist can correct this, just as he can correct any discolored or stained tooth. He may use one of several procedures to make it match up with your teeth. One method involves bleaching; another method is to bond a composite resin over the surface of the tooth. Also, a very thin veneer of plastic laminate can be applied.

If the tooth needs rebuilding so you can use it more efficiently for chewing, your dentist may recommend that the tooth be covered with a porcelain crown.

From the office of Dr. Gary S. Rafal, 9915 Seaview Avenue. 718- 763-7799.

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