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What's Your Opinion?

Question : What is your least favorite household chore and why?
Compiled by
Jason Linetsky

“Folding the laundry is the bane of my existence. I never let anyone do my laundry after an incident in high school with my brother and too much bleach. Fortunately, I married well and my wife is a pro at it.” 

Lenny Markh II, Sheepshead Bay

“Vacuuming for the sole reason that it makes all the dust fly around, affecting my allergies. Constantly bending over with the vacuum makes my ribs and back lock up and even throws out my back.”

Samantha Forrester, Mill Basin

“My least favorite household chore is carpet cleaning. The difficulty and tediousness of cleaning a carpet was the very reason I no longer have carpet in my home. It also doesn’t help that I have a cat at home.”

Pedro De La Rosa, Flatbush

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