2017-04-20 / Guest Column


Growths Of The Palate

One day while Harry was brushing his teeth he noticed a swollen area in the middle of his palate. “I’d better get it checked out,” he said to himself. When he saw his dentist, he was relieved to find that the swelling was absolutely nothing to worry about, and in fact wasn’t really a swelling. It was called a “torus palatinus,” and contained bone which had formed on the surface of the palate, covered by the normal skin inside the mouth.

These are most common in adults, and appear as an oval protuberance. They often develop so slowly that we are not even aware of their presence until one day, like Harry, we see them and immediately start to worry.

Another common site is on the tongue side of the lower jaw where they are seen bilaterally as small single or multiple “marbles,” and are called “torus mandibularis.” The cause is unknown and they don’t cause problems unless they interfere with the tongue or create a problem while getting a denture fitted.

From the office of Dr. Gary S. Rafal, 9915 Seaview Avenue. 718-763-7799.

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