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Floss Only The Teeth You Want To Keep

How many times have you gotten something stuck between your teeth? You brush your teeth and still feel food wedged. This is because a toothbrush is great for flat and curved surfaces but cannot go in between your teeth.

Your best way of cleaning between your teeth is dental floss. It’s one of the only things that can get into those hard-to-reach places and clean them without causing harm. Toothpicks, fingernails and credit cards do not do a good job and can cause injury to your gums.

If you start to floss on a regular basis, at first you may have sore gums that bleed. If you continue to floss, these symptoms should go away as your gums get healthier. Just remember to floss gently. Some people do not have the dexterity to floss, especially their back teeth. There is floss on a Ushaped handle that you can buy to help. They have to be used gently because if they are snapped through the teeth too firmly they can cause damage. If you can, try not to use them, as you have much less control than with regular floss.

The final question is waxed or un-waxed? The wax makes the floss slide through your teeth easier and is less likely to break or shred.

There are even better flosses on the market now that slide through with ease and speed. These make flossing easier and therefore more likely that you will keep up the routine.

Ask your dentist for specific types and brand that will be best for you.

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