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What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by
Stacy Smith

Question: Did you experience any issues with last Thursday’s snowstorm? How did you spend the day?

“No issues. I didn’t go to work because I was sick and the weather was bad. I’m still sick. I stayed home, drank soup and watched TV.” 

Alina J., Crown Heights

“Yes, there were a lot of issues. I was snowed in. I had to shovel my car out. I had to go to work. The roads were terrible. It was very slippery. I couldn’t really see because the snow was coming down so heavy. I had enough of the snow.”

Dexter Lawrence, Canarsie

“No, I stayed home and watched TV. I don’t drive, and I didn’t need to go anywhere.”

Myrna Lawrence, Canarsie

“No, I didn’t experience any problems. My area was cleaned up pretty quickly. My landlord shoveled the area. They didn’t pick up garbage; that was the only inconvenience. I considered it a snow day. I stayed home, cooked, ate and watched movies. Overall, it was a nice day.”

Robin M., Bergen Beach

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