2017-02-16 / Guest Column


Biting Inside Of Cheek

Many of us have had the experience of unconsciously biting the inner side of our cheek. One of the ways you may express tension is by clenching or grinding your teeth. This is called bruxing. Many people do it at  night when they sleep. This may include biting your cheek or lip unconsciously. Normally, it will heal in a few days if you don’t keep chewing on that area.

If you have a continuing problem, your dentist can check the relationship of your bite to see if there are any irregularities on the teeth surfaces that are contributing to your bruxing habit. If there are, these can easily be eliminated.

There may be a sharp cusp, or an incorrect relationship of teeth in the cheek area. Again, this can be corrected easily.

Lastly, your dentist may suggest you wear a Hawley type night guard appliance (or a bit guard) to help break the habit while attacking the problem of your bite more precisely.

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