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Comparing Canarsie H.S. Memories

Dear Editor:

I read the Ken Rogers article “Little Old Canarsie” on AOL. While it brought back some memories of growing up and attending school in Canarsie in the late 50’s and into the 60’s, I did notice an error if he was referring to 1964. I was part of the first graduating class of Canarsie High School in 1967 and that first year (1964-65) in Canarsie High School was spent as a sophomore. We were the only students in the school that year – only sophomores.

The next year, we were juniors and there was a new sophomore class. It wasn’t until our senior year that we had three grades in the school. So, I don’t know why Ken talks about 3,000 students crammed into the school that first year or am I misunderstanding his intent? By the way, that first graduating class had approximately 1,200 students and I am proud to say I was 39th in my graduating class (I was smarter back then).

Lastly, I can remember the principal, Carl Cherkis, coming on the loudspeaker in each classroom and saying, practically on a daily basis, this or that was “another Canarsie first.”

Best regards,

Allan J. Pearl

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