2013-07-25 / Letters/Opinion

A Plea To Keep Our Community Vibrant

Dear Editor:

Please take note – Canarsie needs rescuing. Shopping areas and various sections are abandoned. Boarded up homes and businesses have been neglected for many years and are causing problems galore!

Calling sanitation doesn’t seem to be the answer. May I suggest: (1) Changing the law that allows owners and others to neglect property indefinitely; (2) Business owners need to take steps to clean the areas directly around their stores, making it welcoming to customers. There was a time when shop owners were out sweeping and hosing the sidewalks every day; (3) people who live in or visit our community need to be more aware of where they throw papers etc.; (4) The corner garbage bins are not for residential use, yet there are mounds of household stuff always overflowing from these cans, inviting vermin from the sewers to a feast; (5) Corner catch basins are frequently filled with garbage/oil; (6) Representatives need to take more of an interest in saving Canarsie. It is still a good community and always will be.

I’m asking everyone mentioned, including store owners and shoppers, please don’t let Canarsie down. We need this community to remain viable and welcoming!!

Long Time Resident
Edna May

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