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Whammy Says: “Way To Go Kidd!”

Dear Editor:

As a devoted Brooklyn Nets fan, I urge sports fans to acknowledge Mr. Prokhorov for backing up his pledge to bring an NBA championship caliber team to Brooklyn.

Mr. Prokhorov has put together a “dream team.” He found a true leader who will bring out the best in his players when he hired Jason Kidd as his coach. The “sports experts” who claimed Kidd lacks formal experience are also the ones who said he had no jump shot.

Those so-called experts did not attend as many Net games as I did when #5 took the Nets to the championships in consecutive years. They did not hear Kidd yell at his teammates “Shoot! Shoot!” They did not see him find the open man and help Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin become all stars. Vince Carter was an all-star already, but his star seemed to shine even brighter when he played with Kidd.

Perhaps they failed to realize that the Mavericks never won until Jason Kidd’s second year with the team. They might have won the first year if they played him the right way.

Perhaps they fail to remember that so much time passed since the Knicks were in the playoffs and perhaps they did not associate Kidd’s play with helping the Knicks win their first playoff series in years.

Congratulations to Mr. Prokhorov for recognizing the ability of Kidd to coach, and congratulations to Kidd for bringing Lawrence Frank, his former coach, and his other assistant coaches to Brooklyn.

My only regret is that I may have to take out another mortgage to afford the time I will miss from my law practice to attend the playoffs and win the finals. I will also have to honor my own ritual and routines by refusing to “whammy” former Nets players. There is, after all, a whammy code. As Kidd knows, once a Net, always a Net!

Best regards,
“Mr. Whammy”
Bruce S. Reznick

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