2013-07-18 / Letters/Opinion

Brainstorming Our Borders

Dear Editor:

Some people feel that illegal immigrants should become citizens and that we should abolish our borders and let anyone in our country. This would not be a wise thing to do because:

1. There can never be enough jobs for all willing immigrants due to government rules that regulate and burden businesses.

2. If we opened our borders, we would not have enough schools, hospitals, apartments, etc. for all who would come to this country.

3. Studies have shown that illegal immigrants take more in government handouts than they pay in taxes.

4. When a country is composed of dissimilar groups who refuse to assimilate into the overriding culture, Balkanization, jealousy and violence eventually occur.

5. Without the enforcement of borders, a culture will eventually cease to exist.

We should remedy the immigration problem by guarding our borders and cutting off welfare benefits. Most immigrants will then self-deport because they can’t afford to live here without government aid.

Yours truly,
Janet McCarthy
Flushing, NY

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