2013-06-27 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by Bill O’Neill

Question: Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a plan in which residents must recycle food to be used for composting. What do you think about having to recycle food and are you for it or against it?

“I think it’s a great idea. We did that when I worked at the Botanical Gardens. After we were done with food, we put it in the compost bin. And that definitely enriches the soil.”

Ebony Alexander,

“In my home, when we are done with fruits and vegetables, we put it in the backyard – and the front yard, too. Recycling helps the soil.”

Amber Alexander,

“No, I think it is going too far. We already have to divide up the garbage - bottles, cans and newspapers. It’s just another hassle for Canarsie residents.

Jesse Rivera,

“It’s actually a great idea. It’s environmentally friendly - feeding the earth. And recycling with a compost bin is a better way of disposal.”

Kristee Delgado,

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