2013-06-27 / Guest Column


Never Underestimate The Power Of The Republican Party... To Self-Destruct

Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA, Five million dollars for the Obamas to go to Ireland with the prez, Daddy Prez. 100 million for The Family to take a trip to Africa next month (Sequester? What sequester? Did somebody forget to bring the sequester?)

All add up to ‘opportunity knocking’ for the GOP? No way!

Instead, a perfect time for the Republicans to introduce a bill to outlaw late term abortions, the one that was written by that guy who explained that rape hardly ever causes pregnancy. You go, girl!

If Romney had won last year, if he had gotten all the votes, all 126 million of them, if it were 126 million for Romney, zero for Obama, [Right, that would mean that Barack and Michelle and Sasha and Malia - Hey, sometimes kids know.] and all the rest of us had voted for Mitt, and if Obama called him to offer congratulations and then went out and conceded and then if the sky got all dark and there was thunder and lightning and a giant hand came down and pointed to Romney and a loud voice announced, “You Won!”......the Republicans would have asked for a recount.

Sometimes it seems so hopeless...

Visit our blog at: www.ThePointingFinger.Blogspot.com. - We’ll leave the light on for you. Dr. Finger practices medicine (Otolaryngology) in Brooklyn. He ran for Congress in ‘06 on both Libertarian and Republican lines.

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