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Sweets Cause Plaque

If your child has a “sweet tooth,” there will be a penalty to pay. That penalty will be found in the form of increased dental decay. Too much sugar or sugar- sweetened foods taken too often bring on the plaque brigade. When the bacteria in plaque (an invisible film on your teeth) combines with sugar, it forms an acid which eats away at teeth, causing decay and a host of other problems. Plaque has a sweet tooth of its own. Don’t feed it.

To prove the point, a dental team in Connecticut asked the mothers of almost a thousand children to keep complete records of what their children ate for one week. The children’s teeth were then examined and the results were matched with the diet diaries.

The findings showed that children who liked more between-meal sweet snacks had more cavities than those who ate less. They also found that children who ate more fruit and vegetable treats had fewer cavities than those who opted for candy- cookie- cake snack treats.

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