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Compiled by Bill O’Neill

Question: A New Jersey politician is proposing a law that would allow police to ask for a driver’s cell phone to check if he or she was talking or texting right before a motor vehicle accident. What do you think of this proposal? Would you support such a bill for New York City?

“If there is an accident, yes. I think the police have a right to find out the circumstances. Some people might object; everybody is different.”

“I have a mixed opinion about that. Firstly, I think with the police of today, they will use that to invade a person’s privacy. On the other hand, it’s a good idea because I am very opposed to a person texting and driving. It impairs the driver’s judgment.”

“I think so. It will stop a lot of people from using their cell phone or texting while driving. People will be afraid of paying fines and tickets.”

-Camille Thompson Canarsie -Camille Thompson Canarsie “Of course the police should know if a person was texting while driving. I keep my phone off till I’m out of my car and then I turn it back on to see who called.”

-Michael Fontnel Canarsie -Michael Fontnel Canarsie

-Emanuel Covington Canarsie -Emanuel Covington Canarsie

-Charles G. Puccio, Jr. Canarsie -Charles G. Puccio, Jr. Canarsie

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