2013-06-20 / Letters/Opinion

A Problem That Needs Serious Repairs!

Dear Editor,

As a tenant of NYCHA at Breukelen Houses, it was recently brought to my attention that all major repairs will no longer be fixed by housing maintenance.

At this point I, myself, have put in numerous tickets over the last year for the mechanism in the toilet tank to be repaired only to find out that they no longer carry the pieces.

It was also brought to my attention, by my neighbor, that they will no longer be repairing stoves, as they do not have replacement parts for them.

We are now left to purchase our own kitchen and bathroom appliances should anything owned by the NYCHA malfunction.

I’m simply floored at how the city expects their low-income residents to run out and purchase an oven for close to $1,000 when they can barely afford their $400 rent.

What do they repair at this point? No more than a light bulb or a doorknob.

Thank you,
Robin Gulmen

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