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Parking Woes Rehashed At Mill Basin Civic

By Jason Linetsky

Department of Transportation’s Claudette Workman. 
Photos by Jason Linetsky Department of Transportation’s Claudette Workman. Photos by Jason Linetsky Due to several complaints to the Mill Basin Civic Association (MBCA), the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) spokesperson Claudette Workman addressed parking concerns at Tuesday’s final meeting of the year.

Homeowners have found a possible new target for the DOT’s towing crews with the increase of school buses illegally parked near schools. Drivers leave buses for extended periods of time in residential spots with the belief that having a school across the street grants them permission to do so. This is also true for spots around the schools, which need to be utilized by the staff.

“The buses have to belong to the schools,” stated Workman. “Every bus has to be registered with the school. If there are buses parked outside of Mary Queen of Heaven, then their tag numbers must be listed as Mary Queen of Heaven buses. If they aren’t, then the police have every right to tow them.”

Munimeter Munimeter Munimeters are becoming increasingly problematic for Mill Basin residents with half of the systems breaking down and remaining out of order for awhile before the DOT sends crews to repair them.

MBCA President Paul Curiale stressed the need to utilize the city’s 311service for such cases. “We had two Munimeters, which weren’t working, and I went to a business owner nearby. He said it hadn’t been working for six months. I asked if he had called 311 and reported it and he told me he thought someone from down the block was going to.”

Curiale continued, “These systems are all monitored from far away. If you get the monitoring number from the unit and call 311 to report it, then they will notify the DOT and get it repaired. Plus, if they are monitoring it and see it’s not producing revenue, they will know it needs to be checked. I contacted Ms. Workman about the two Munimeters and it turned out that one needed to be repaired and one wasn’t programmed correctly. We all need to use 311 and make reports when we know something needs to be fixed.”

With one and two-hour Munimeters completely replacing the 15 minute per quarter meters in the community, a question of a loss of time was raised. Many drivers will pay for an hour but won’t need the full time period at their location. They will move onto their next destination and pay for another hour of parking with the chance of losing more time for the money they’ve spent.

“You are free to change spots,” said Workman. “Once you pay for an hour or two at a Munimeter, you are able to leave one spot and go to another and not pay again. As long as you have time left on the ticket, then you can go somewhere else. The police look at the time stamped on the ticket, not the location you are parked. You are not, however, able to go from a regular Munimeter spot on the street to a municipal parking lot with that ticket or vice versa.”

In addition to repairs, the MBCA will be reaching out to the DOT to have all Munimeters in the area changed over to two-hour time limits. The request is due to complaints from drivers who are ticketed because they weren’t able to come out and pay again after the first hour. The MBCA will return in September. For more information about the Mill Basin Civic Association, call (718) 336-7343.

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