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View From The Middle

Another Battle Won By The NRA But The Fight Goes On
By Charles Rogers

I promised myself that I was done writing about gun control and the fight for and against it. It was obvious I was (am) behind the rational use of some kind of legislation that would keep 30-round magazines and the automatic weapons that spew bullets enclosed therein out of the hands of, well, “ordinary” citizens. I don’t know how one can label “ordinary” a person who thinks that using such weapons to hunt and kill deer — or any other defenseless animal — as a sport of any kind. How these ersatz hunters can even look upon what they do as a sport is beyond me; rather it is just a matter of killing live beings. Might as well just round ’em up, put ’em in a pit and start firing.

But that’s not what this is about. Last week, before the disastrous bombing at the Boston Marathon, the United States Senate decided they would kowtow to political interests — specifically those supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA) — and defeated a proposed bill that would require background checks for all gun buyers.

Simple enough, one would think, but not to those who think that the passage of the bill would be the first step leading to the government banning all guns — for everybody. Advocates say this would throw out the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which says, “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The vote last week was 54 for the ban and 46 against, which would have normally put the bill over the top…except that it was stipulated that there had to be 60 votes for its passage! It was easy to see the Militia garnered their forces in order to defeat the bill (also, surprising to see that we have at least 54 Senators who are members of the Militia!).

What went wrong? Gun control advocates were SO SURE the bill would pass. One of the reasons we figured on its passage was because it was only of minor consequence to gun owners. And, according to all kinds of polls and statistics, about 90 percent of the American people were behind it. The bill was a shoo-in!

“What are you afraid of?” we asked. “If you’re an honest guy or gal and you don’t have a criminal record and you’re not mentally disabled, well, hell, sign the paper, let them check your (honest) background and be done with it!” It DID seem simple enough. Those people in favor of gun control (that’s me and a few others) even decided not to push too hard on the assault weapon ban, figuring it would come up in later legislation.

But that didn’t work either.

What DID work was a hard-nosed NRA group of lobbyists who KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING! They didn’t have to have right on their side. All they had to do is have political know-how and the expertise to be able to persuade some congresspeople to their way of thinking. I’m not necessarily accusing the leadership of the NRA as being un- American, but the way they use their propaganda tactics smacks directly of how propaganda was used on a lot of people who followed a crazy political cause a long time ago and it led to World War II. It seems a bunch of senators recently bent to such a type of persuasion and look what happened.

So what to do? It ain’t easy, but the way to get around the NRA and its followers is to LEARN from them. It’s easy to see their members are motivated; highly motivated. Our mistake was (is) to depend on the President and just a few followers who think, because polls say they’re ahead, they can let things slide. My God, They even had the families of the 20 children who were killed at Newtown standing beside the President of the United States when he made his plea to Congress to pass the bill. And that didn’t work!

Again…what to do? TRY HARDER, that’s what! Try THEIR tactics. Get people out on the street to yell at their neighbors that this is not right! People have to fight against the distortions that the NRA is foisting on their members, and thus on everyone else. We’re thankful that Mayor Bloomberg’s concept, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has some money (and he’s been a stalwart in the fight) to help the cause. He’s got to take that cause to the streets of some of those states that have been influenced by the NRA and use it to advertise and convince them that nobody’s trying to take their @#$%^&* guns away (unless they’re crooks)!

They’ve won the first battle. They haven’t won the war!

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