2012-11-29 / Other News

Sanit Men Don’t Sleep On These Cleanup Jobs

Photos by Kwambé Price

Thousands of residents didn’t have to be asleep to be affected by the nightmares they encountered as Hurricane Sandy tore through the community on October 29th. As homes flooded beyond repair, most furniture – including mattresses –were rendered unsalvagable and had to be hauled away by the Department of Sanitation (DOS). In photos above, mattresses, possibly from houses all over the borough, were brought to this warehouse at Troy Avenue and Glenwood Road last week to be destroyed and possibly recycled. Mattresses, soiled with what appeared to be sewage and salt water, were lined up outside the unnamed warehouse for days. In the wake of the hurricane, the DOS temporarily lifted rules and regulations that are enforced when disposing of mattresses, which includes sealing them in plastic bags before they are placed curbside. For the most part, according to DOS spokeswoman Kathy Dawkins, “As people bring out mattresses and other items waterlogged from the storm’s flooding, the Department of Sanitation is collecting these items for final disposal to landfills outside New York City.”

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