2012-09-20 / Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

Why I’m Fashionably Disappointed With Today’s “Trends”
By Dara Mormile

My dress code for work is pretty casual: jeans or capris during the summer, with a solid colored shirt that complements my figure. I don't show off skin but I do make sure I wear colors that are subtle and match. I can't stand in heels, so those are out of the question. I leave the stilettos to the pros. I used to dress up for meetings – dress pants and blazer with a solid colored tank top underneath – compliments of Target or some inexpensive shop along Rockaway Parkway.

Now that I've established my reputation, getting dolled up isn't on my agenda. Still, when I'm heading to a fancy dinner or a casual evening out, I don't wear anything that screams, “Look at me!”

To sum it up, I'm glad that Fashion Week is over. It felt like it lasted a lot longer than a simple week, that's for sure – but have you seen some of the getups these women sported on the runways? Would you be caught dead walking through the streets of Canarsie, Marine Park, East New York or East Flatbush with a dress made of metallic material that makes you look like an alien?

The funny thing is, even though all of these dedicated fashion designers are applauded for their attention to detail and material usage, stars who wear some of these funky getups are taunted and mocked for sporting those very same designers' outfits. Someone put J-Lo in that million-dollar dress with the iridescent lace and sequins - and the critics are STILL going to poke fun at how outlandish and uncoordinated she looks at the Teen Choice® Awards. For fashionistas across the city, new trends in cocktail dresses, dress pants and evening gowns means a chance to show off different styles. Who will be able to afford these styles is another story. Just looking through the New York Daily News at random collections from different designers, I'd never be caught dead in public wearing a translucent one-piece lime green dress that cuts off at the thighs. Making a statement – and not one that's embarrassing – isn't all about the clothes, it's also about the attitude. If you look at some models’ facial expressions as their trekking down the runway, they don't look like they're enjoying sporting that skin-tight, vomit-colored mini dress. Could these women LOOK any more miserable, serious, depressed, anorexic, stoned....etc. They don't look too happy sporting their temporary gear. And can you blame them? They're practically walking on eggshells, their bodies are as stiff as a board.

Let's get real. If the fashion police ever came to OUR community, they'd need extra tickets to fine plenty of women for various violations. Those who pack...a little extra pounds...are glad to flaunt it - whether it's overflowing from their shirts or pants, they don't care. Some women don't care if their chest is spilling right out of their blouse and I guess they're purposefully seeking attention.

I've seen some outrageous clothes sported by younger women – but it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere further than the local grocery store. Even the brand named outfits that some women wear to look 'fashionable' aren't worn the right way. We all know that the biggest fashion faux pas is wearing an obviously visible bra under a tank top or dress. Despite fashion experts giving a BIG no-no to this awful “trend,” women still sashay around the neighborhood with bright red bra straps sticking out of a white tank top.

I've walked down Rockaway Parkway plenty of times and watched women nearly fumble trying to walk in 3- and 4-inch high-heeled wedge shoes. Their steps are nothing short of trying to walk a tightrope. Sorry, but if you're walking to the train station and you trip over yourself because you're trying to look faaaaaaaabulous, you're your own worst enemy. What if you have to run for your life on the city streets? Is it more important to look like you're going to tip over any minute and be “stylish” than to have on a decent pair of dress shoes? To me, it looks ridiculous.

Fashion also makes a big statement about how women feel about themselves. I see so many women in the community dressing frumpy and sloppy, like they just woke up – and it seems like they lack the self-confidence to make a good first impression. We get it, you don't care how about you look - but you don't have to wear the latest Jason Wu dress to feel good about yourself. Some make it more than obvious that their personal fashion trends SHOULD include some basic – and down-to-earth recommendations from the runway (if they exist).

Sometimes I want to ask women: How did you get dressed this morning – in the dark? And where were the mirrors?

Designers might have some interesting ways of using satin, chiffon, leather, spandex and lace, but is anyone really taking suggestions from Fashion Week selections? It's obvious that most trends weren't really geared to appeal to the average New Yorker – but by the looks of how some residents dress, some guidelines should be followed before they leave their house.

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