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Winning A Case While Standing On One Wheel

By Sam Akhtar
Photos by Sam Akhtar

Rosemond showing off his “uni” stuff Rosemond showing off his “uni” stuff A unicycle, a graduating senior and a $100 fine. Sound like a joke? Isiah Rosemond, 18, of Canarsie, was riding his unicycle on the sidewalk on May 23rd on his way to Edward R. Murrow High School when police issued him a ticket for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. Despite trying to show the unamused officer a government website on his Smartphone that he was not in violation of any laws - because he was riding a UNIcycle, not a BIcycle – the senior still received a ticket.

In the months following the ticket, the unicycler's story picked up speed and garnered attention from various press outlets and outreach from sympathizers. After initially being advised by family members and acquaintances to take an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD), the graduating senior thought otherwise. Instead of wheeling over and paying the fine, Rosemond decided to fight the ticket.

Taking a “musical break” from unicycling Taking a “musical break” from unicycling “My intuition told me to fight it,” he said. “It seemed like a probation in a way, for six months,” Rosemond reflected. He stood his ground and said, “I didn't do anything wrong in the first place.”

Finally, after getting his date in court, the teen was still having a hard time selling his story to the presiding judge in a Manhattan courtroom at a hearing on August 10th. After presenting the judge with evidence of his innocence, the court was convened for a half hour for “lunch.”

When his case was recalled, the budding musician finally heard the sweet song he had been waiting for when the judge said, “Dismissed,” and pounded the gavel to finally mark an end to Rosemond’s three month ordeal.

But the entire headache was not for nothing. Like any musician, the easygoing young man used his real life experience for inspiration to compose a song. The aptly named tune, “One Will Drive” incorporates lyrics like “Never had the intent/ I will drive stick shift automatically equipped/ Smartphone with me, so why try/ Just in case I get the slip.”

To hear the song in its entirety, the track can be found at: YouTube.com/lamestcoolestrapper.

Since he triumphantly went up against the law and won, when asked if a career as a lawyer was in his future, the young man simply smirked, “No.”

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