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Grammatically, It’s All Good!

Dear Dara:

I enjoy reading your column “Telling It Like It Is,” but I have to say that the captions under the pictures for the column on graduation and tourists (Courier — 6/28/12) leaves me confused.

Shouldn’t the proper wording be “My friend Annette and me,” and not “My friend and I?” I was taught that when you have two people in the sentence, you should remove the other one and then choose “me” or “I.”

In this case, it would be “I on the Brooklyn Bridge” or “me on the Brooklyn Bridge.” I sent an e-mail last time when your column was about graduation, and I guess either I’m wrong or you never got to it.

You spoke about the L train and how rude the girls were. How do you expect the youth of today to be courteous when the adults aren’t any better? For example, when one transfers from the L train to the B42 bus, it appears that there is a line for the bus.

When the bus pulls in, all mayhem breaks loose—it is a free-for-all to get on the bus. Aside from that, if a second L train pulls into the station be-fore a bus arrives, then the people who get off walk to the front of the line like everyone on the line is invisible.


Marjorie Cohen Editor’s note: Thanks for your interest. In this case, “I” was used in the proper grammatical content.

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