2012-07-05 / Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

Summertime Means Canarsiens Have Even Less Etiquette
By Dara Mormile

Yay! Summer is finally in full swing and you'll be seeing more of your neighbors; they're washing their cars, tending to their gardens and hanging out outside their houses at all hours of the day. Like any community, Canarsie has its share of people who have worse etiquette in the summer compared to the rest of year.

Summer is a time when people come out and enjoy themselves – but they don't think of how they appear to their neighbors or even local businesses. Maybe it's because summer “provokes” us to wear less, so we “reveal” different parts of ourselves we usually wouldn't. Let's get real. Everyone is THINKING about these things as public faux pas, but it's time to get them out in the open. Here are a few summer etiquette violations for those who enjoy the heat, but need to mind how they behave and keep in mind what habits they have in public.

Ladies – mind your outerwear! We know temperatures have reached over 90 degrees in the past week and you feel like wearing next to nothing, but if you're slightly...um...big on top, not everyone needs to see your well-endowed chest! Plenty of times female customers come into the Canarsie Courier office flaunting their “assets” and it's more than obvious that their “ladies” are spilling out of their small, low-cut shirts. If you want respect while walking the streets or doing business with others, opt for a light-colored shirt that covers your chest and leave something to the imagination. It's great that you're confident, but your sense of pride shouldn't come from being half-naked, it should be generated by your personality and inner beauty. Hence...

The drive-by compliments: Men who notice women's “goods” spilling out of their clothes can't help themselves – especially when the men are cruising the streets in their classy cars and SUVs. Yeah, it's hot out there – women are going to wear short shorts and tank tops – does that mean men have to risk getting into a car accident while beeping their horn and yelling profanities from the driver's side of their vehicle? What are men getting out of hollering in the middle of the street? And do men really think they're doing women a service by honking their horn down Rockaway Parkway at every girl wearing a halter top?

It's almost as if some of these men have never seen the female species in their entire life and suddenly the world of women opened up right in front of them. Instead of beeping and yelling, keep driving! If you're at a red light or stop sign (legitimately) and an attractive, scantily clad woman happens to cross your path, simply say, “Good day miss, you look lovely,” and continue to your destination.

Have you had your daily shower? Ewww...What wreaks more than body odor during the summertime? Maybe going to the zoo and passing several animal cages that haven't been cleaned in days. Before you leave the house in the morning, shower, shave, and use a lot of anti-perspirant. Not only are you going to be out of the house all day, you'll be out there in the sweltering heat while you're walking to your car, waiting for the bus or train or walking to do some shopping. Carry travel sized deodorant with you at all times.

In addition, don't overdo the perfume or cologne. We know you're trying to hide the potential stench you emit, but in the heat it's even worse to inhale the smorgasbord of odors one might experience at the park or the pier on a muggy day. And for those of you who ride the L train, you know how crowded it gets – and when you have to hold the railings and raise your arms, everyone around you will suffer the consequences of odor pollution.

You've got company that affects the whole block: Good for you for staying in the community this summer! However, if you've got aunts, uncles, and other relatives who are spending a day at your house and they insist on parking their car behind yours in your driveway – thus completely blocking the sidewalk – you're being an annoyance to your neighbors. Just because you own property in Canarsie doesn't give you, or your guests, the right to block the sidewalk so your brother's huge SUV is hanging out to the curb. What if someone in a wheelchair needs to access that side of the street? What if there are kids living a few houses down? These residents have to walk into the street and risk getting hit by a car driving on that block. Houseguests can always park their vehicle a little further down the block for the day and walk to their relative’s home.

Parents: Know where your children are! Fine, so you’ve decided against enrolling your kid in summer camp or finding something recreational for them to do on a daily basis. You’ve opted to let them “do their own thing” while you’re at work all day. Your kids might be hanging out on the streets, idling with their friends at a local candy store or causing trouble. Don’t let your child be the reason someone else’s summer is ruined.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy the summer. Maybe you should ask yourself if you’re offending someone or preventing them from enjoying theirs...

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