2012-05-24 / Guest Column


Le Presidente Snoopy

In the commercial, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy sit around a conference table while the MetLife salesman gives them the good news:

“Now you can get a MetLife term life insurance policy for only $14 a month.”

No response.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said you can get a term policy for $14 a month. Isn’t that great?!”

“We think it should be 5 cents a month!”

“I can’t do 5 cents,” is the final answer.

Well, in France they can. They can do five cents, or even no cents, for everything. Look what happened to ex-President Sarkozy when he tried to tell the French that they might have to start paying for some stuff; that there’s “no such thing as a free croissant.”

“Sacre bleu!” “He used the ‘A’ word (austerity).” “What if the children were listening?”

“Off with his escargots!” shouted the hardworking, industrious French populace as they rushed back from their way-too-short eight-week vacations to elect the Socialist President Francois Hollande who quickly reassured them that croissants are indeed free, as they should be, and as is everything else as well.

Eat up! Sixty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong. Or, is that just

“California Dreamin’...?”

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