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Rapist Sentenced To 47 Years; Tells Victim: “Have Faith”

Charles Rogers

A man who permanently scarred a 12-year-old girl by forcibly raping her on a rooftop in Canarsie eleven years ago, emotionally added to her injuries last week by trying to piously tell her to “let go of your pain,” at his trial.

Adam Wright, who acted as his own attorney in a two week trial and was found guilty last December, received a sentence of 47 years by a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

A jury convicted the 43-year-old Brooklyn resident of the rape that took place in 2002 in the elevator room at 1625 Rockaway Parkway after luring her into the building.

Reports from the office of the Kings County District Attorney indicated he attacked the girl, who told him she was only ten years old because she hoped he would take mercy on her because of her age.

He then attacked her again, according to court records.

Wright got away with the crime for six years and then, after being picked up in an unrelated case in 2008, detectives compared his DNA to evidence found in the rape case and he was arrested and charged.

During his trial, Wright contended he was not guilty and was the victim of a conspiracy.

The victim was praised by jurors and those who watched the trial as observers. They noted the woman, now 21, had been cowed in the witness box by Wright as he reportedly told her, “Have faith. Let go of your nightmare. Don’t hold onto the pain. Give it to the Lord.”

The victim said the attack had scarred her for life and that it had changed her personality from being lovable and sweet to being aggressive and mean.

She said her family moved from Canarsie to Queens and it took her years to straighten out her life.

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