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Jury Has An Easy Time Finding Mill Basin Home Invader Guilty

By Charles Rogers

House in Mill Basin where home invasion took place. 
Charles Rogers House in Mill Basin where home invasion took place. Charles Rogers It was a simple and especially fast operation last week in U.S. District Court when a jury found Sami Waters, 49, guilty of multiple felony counts involved in a home invasion case that took place in August, 2010.

Waters and his accomplice were caught by eagle-eyed police only a few minutes after the robbery attempt in Mill Basin with cash, jewelry and even a car they’d taken from their victims. He and his accomplice, William Soler, 30, were both also wearing bullet proof vests when they were arrested.

Officials said the pair accosted the male owner of a home on East 65th Street outside the rear of the house, displaying handguns and forcing him back into the house. As he tried to fight them off, they struck him multiple times about the head with their guns and then accosted his wife and daughter, also striking the older woman in the head repeatedly.

The attackers then told the victims to lie on the floor and proceeded to ransack the house, taking approximately $60,000 in cash and jewelry plus the keys to the daughter’s 2009 Honda Accord. They then fled in the car.

As soon as the thieves left, the home owner called 911, giving a detailed description of the robbers and the car.

As patrol officers from the 63rd Precinct responded to the call, they took down a description of the vehicle and recognized it only a block away. They made a quick U-turn, stopped the car, identified the occupants and arrested them on the spot.

Both men were charged with offenses ranging from carjacking to assault, menacing, possession of a firearm and robbery and were indicted together.

Waters’ trial took only four days and the jury deliberated for less than an hour. Solers’ trial took place last month. Federal Court officials said the home invaders could get life terms when they’re sentenced later this year by Judge Nina Gershon.

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