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“What’s Up With Wati”

Local Duo Creates A “Delightful Disturbance”
By Wati Heru

Once in a blue moon, we come across a sound, a feel, a look and taste that is absolutely new. It’s human nature to pursue “the unknown” whether it's music, movies, art, or something as simple as food - as if the inner hipster of our spirit gets kicks out of knowing about it before it becomes “mainstream.”

During one particular trip to the dark side, I discovered an up and coming rap/R & B duet called “Delightful Disturbance” with a sound that is so profound, the fact that they only had one song on the internet didn't sway me from wanting to meet them. On top of their raw, new, thought-provoking sound, the talent is incredibly young. The lead vocalist Sherena Collymore will be blowing 15 candles this year and Hasan Cayo, producer/rapper, is going to be 19.

Besides the music itself, the second most brilliant catch is the oxymoronic vibe the name “Delightful Disturbance” gives off.

Hasan Cayo and Sherena Collymore are Delightful Disturbance Hasan Cayo and Sherena Collymore are Delightful Disturbance “Our music gives the world a more truthful and intelligent insight,” said Sherena, explaining the meaning behind the dynamic duo’s title.

Cayo agreed, saying, “It's pure music for the mind and soul.”

Their vibe and articulation mirrors the likes of great philosophers who are also connected to their taste in music. Sherena states that even though she doesn’t have a favorite singer, she is an avid listener of classic soul singers such as Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and John Legend.

They also are non-biased as far as the genre's they dabble in, ranging from hip-hop to rock to dancehall reggae. These artists are the total package and are currently working on their first mix tape, which is untitled.

The duo is originally from East 57th Street and Avenue H. Both attended P.S 251 and grew up in the Canarsie/Flatlands area most of their lives. After graduating from P.S 251, Cayo attended Roy H. Mann. During those years, he started mastering his craft as a skilled lyricist and even dabbling in dancing.

After creating a plethora of songs during his last year in junior high school, only using Cool Edit Pro music software, he created a Myspace music page where all the songs premiered and had a decent amount of hits.

Later on he went to Edward R. Murrow High School, where he attended for two semesters. He then enrolled into the South Shore G.E.D program and got his diploma last June. Sherena, on the other hand, went to Roy H. Mann also, and is now a freshman at Fort Hamilton High School.

“I want listeners to use our mix tape as a journal entry and to turn our personal experiences and emotions into something they can tap their feet to,” Sherena said.

Unlike most up and coming artists, who might have themes for their mix tapes, this group is just going with the flow in order to provide their project with a more improvised and freestyle sound.

While there haven’t been current updates on their Facebook fan page at “Delightful Disturbance,” we can expect more music from them this year, so if you’re a fan of great music, feel free to join their bandwagon in 2012.

Now that’s what’s up with Wati!

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