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Canarsiens, Mill Basinites Mourn Passing Of Beautician “David Bradley”

By Charles Rogers

“Bradley” Woltman “Bradley” Woltman They say the measure of a man’s value can be found in the benefits others have gained from his successes or, perhaps, from even knowing him. If that is the case, then the passing of a man many knew as “David Bradley,” will be noted for a long, long time and by many.

“David Bradley,” whose real name was David Woltman, was the proprietor of “David Bradley Hair, Skin, Nails and Cosmetics Center,” a fixture on Avenue L in Canarsie for 28 years and a special entity in Mill Basin on Strickland Avenue for the last 17 years.

He died on Monday, January 23rd at the age of 71, after a short illness, leaving a wife, two children and four grandchildren.

Dozens of phone calls were received at the Canarsie Courier last week when residents from the local area, as well as those throughout the city, were informed of his passing.

“He was revered by most of my contemporaries,” said one caller, who noted how she used to go to his shop located in the middle of the Avenue L shopping section — which was a buzzing “metropolis” prior to the transitional 1990s. “We knew we’d get the best of everything there, even if it might have cost a little more,” she added.

Another said her parents made sure she got “the best treatment” when they made an appointment for her so she would look her best for high school graduation.

Woltman’s daughter, Tara, said his funeral, which took place near the family home in Hewlett, Long Island, was “ more crowded than anyone ever thought it would be!” She said at least 500 people attended and “the outpouring of love and sympathy was tremendous.”

Tara said she has been hearing from former customers and friends “from all over” during the few days since her father’s passing. “There were not only just friends, but many of those people who worked with him and for him during those years in Canarsie and Mill Basin. He was not only a teacher and mentor, but he was also a friend to them all.

“He was a very humble man and many of those who worked with him looked on him as a parent,” she added.

His daughter said her father and mother, Esther, were getting ready to celebrate their 47th wedding anniverDavid sary.

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