2012-02-02 / Letters/Opinion

Minimum Wage Has “Minimum Benefits”

Dear Editor,

Assemblyman Sheldon Silver is blowing smoke if he thinks that raising the minimum wage will accomplish anything positive.

Minimum wages and time and a half is just a ploy for the government to get more tax revenues and nothing to do with the general welfare of the poor or the businesses that employ them.

Why not raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour.? Minimum wage jobs are typically entry jobs for kids trying to get work experience. Sometimes they are jobs emptying garbage cans or sweeping.

These are jobs that could be done by existing office personnel, but out of charity, businesses sometimes create such jobs to help someone's relative or friend when they are otherwise unemployable.

Mr. Silver's lame minimum wage bill might end hurting the people he claims he is trying to help.

If society thinks raising the hourly rate is so important, then tax everyone and subsidize the existing job. Then we'll see how important society thinks this is.


Joseph DuPont, Towanda, PA

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