2011-08-25 / View From the Middle

View From The Middle

Do We Have To Wait ’Til Next Month For Some Leadership?
By Charles Rogers

How ’bout that bus!? That beautiful $1.1 million, Canadian-made bus that President Obama — excuse me — Presidential Candidate Obama — is campaigning around the country in? Cool, huh? Not like the ones of yore, Greyhound affairs where candidates would have to sit upright like tourists. Nah! We’re talking class here!

Don’t know, however, how much good the big, expensive vehicle is going to do him, though. Not the way things are going. As far as his campaigning expertise goes, he hasn’t really changed much since, well, since 2008, when he was a breath of fresh air in a room full of cigar-smoking politicians. Now he’s the one being annoyed by the cigars but he’s too hesitant (if that’s the word) to tell the bosses to dowse them.

Of course, now he’s on vacation — a ten-day thing where he’s taking some time off and relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard off Cape Cod, Mass. You know that area as home town to the Kennedy dynasty. It would probably have been a better idea if President Obama hadn’t taken his vacation there, inasmuch as it’s a statement on wealth, good fortune, ties to millionaires, and so forth. Wise minds have told him not to be seen mixing with those pro-capitalistic entities before or during a campaign — and right now is before-and-during time. Just a thought.

So where are we going on this bus to nowhere? Obama’s doing some traveling and talking to the people (you’ll notice: he’s not doing a lot of talking WITH them — mostly TO them!). I don’t like that.

Oh, yeah, he’s got a lot of points to make. Being on vacation at this time and at Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t seem to help. There have been a few mild efforts at town-hall-like meetings, but when people ask him what he’s going to do about jobs and the economy, the answer seems to be, “I’m going to make a speech about that in early September….”

Duh…ride around in the bus a little more, Mr. President, and see if the people can wait until “early September” ’til they get a job. Sorry, fella. But we need some answers NOW. We know Congress is on vacation and you’re on vacation and everybody else is on vacation (except me) and nothing will be getting done until autumn begins to roll around, but it sure would be good to hear you say something a little more positive, especially when we’re watching the stock market dive like an errant whale without a fin. Even if you don’t have something concrete to say, Mr. President, give us a sign that we’re not floundering without a leader.

That’s it. Leadership. It’s something that seems to be sorely lacking in your administration. We all have the feeling that you’re still getting your feet wet from the “new” job as President.

Hey. You’ve been at it for almost three years now. Isn’t it time you took the responsibility that goes along with it? Stop blaming previous administrations and sit down with the American people and say, “Well, we haven’t been doing such a great job, so here’s what we want to do from now on,….” And then get on with SOMETHING! Even if your plans aren’t the best, at least let us know that you have SOME kind of a plan. If it’s wrong, we’ll find out and, believe me, we’ll let you know.

But for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to ride around on that luxurious bus, at least let us know you know where you’re going and start LEADING, will ya?

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