2011-08-25 / Other News

Did You Feel The BIG ONE?

Charles Rogers

If you’ve ever been witness to an earthquake, no matter how small or large, you knew exactly what was happening last Tuesday shortly before 2 p.m. when the ground shook in Canarsie and other points in the Northeast. If you had never experienced an earthquake, you can now tell your grandchildren you were here on August 23, 2011 when the biggest ground-shaker since 1944 struck.

Well, maybe struck is a fairly strong word — nudged would be more like it. There were literally no injuries as a result of the quake, and apparently a few bricks that fell in Red Hook didn’t hurt anyone. But we all felt something!

The quake hit in Mineral, Va., more than 300 miles from New York, and its magnitude was 5.8, according to authorities. People in Boston felt it, as well as Toronto and, of course, throughout the mid-Atlantic Coast.

Canarsiens who were in local offices and stores were seen to congregate on the sidewalk out front, all wondering what “that shaking” was, with most surmising it just had to be an earthquake. By about 2:15 p.m., most people went back to work or back to shopping and eagerly turned on their television sets or radios to find out just what they’d been through.

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