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“Sexting” Topic At 69th Oct. Council’s Final Meeting

By Dara Mormile

Assemblyman Nick Perry Assemblyman Nick Perry Between the dangers of cyberbullying and the recent attention given to a type of social networking — sexting — local politicians are passing various measures to minimize and eliminate the problems of technology that can become a threat.

State Assemblyman Nick Perry made an appearance last week at the final summer meeting of the 69th Precinct Community Council and spoke about the Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act, which was recently passed to address the dangers of sexting — defined as the use of a cell phone to send sexually suggestive texts or e-mails with nude or nearly nude photos.

Perry said the Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act would offer a second chance to young men and women who get caught sexting and end up charged with a crime.

Under this act, offenders would have to complete a program that would divert them from committing the crime again.

“This legislation will ensure that youths will receive additional education on the dangers and consequences of indulging in the practice of sexting,” the assemblyman said.

Perry also indirectly referred to his political colleague, Anthony Weiner, whose reputation was ruined by sexting, and said he hopes that this legislation will better educate teenagers regarding how it can lead to serious legal consequences.

Officials of the 69th Precinct Community Council announced that the next meeting will be held at the end of September, but everyone is encouraged to join them for the National Night Out Against Crime on August 2.

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