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New C.O. Says He’ll Use More Foot Patrols In Future

By Dara Mormile

Captain George Fitzgibbon addresses South Canarsie Civic meeting. 
Dara Mormile Captain George Fitzgibbon addresses South Canarsie Civic meeting. Dara Mormile When the South Canarsie Civic Association met on Thursday, May 12, at Cong. AAA Sfard, Captain George Fitzgibbon, commanding officer of the 69th Precinct, had only been with the local precinct a few days but informed residents he was well aware of issues that were brought to his attention.

A resident of East 103 Street, between avenues M and N claimed that a prostitution house is operating on her block and asked what can be done to crack down on activity in and around the property.

Fitzgibbon noted that a 24-year-old woman was arrested during the week on that block, but could not confirm if it was in relation to the house where the illegal activity is occurring.

“It’s difficult to crack down on activities going on in a private house,” Captain Fitzgibbon said. “If there’s clear evidence that a law is being broken and multiple complaints are made about violations around the house, we can investigate. Other than finding out who the owner is and asking them if they’re aware of what’s taking place, we can only be vigilant and make frequent patrols along the block to survey the activity.”

The commanding officer also said he plans to deploy more officers throughout the community via foot patrol. “Patrol cars are great in making a quick sweep of the community during the days, but visibility is much better when foot posts are implemented and that’s one of my long-term plans to help reduce overall crime and improve quality of life in Canarsie.

“I want to look at specific locations where crimes are occurring – whether it’s spread out or clustered on a certain block or avenue – and put more of my guys on patrol where the patterns occur,” he said.

Good news was also reported by Community Affairs Police Officer Eton White, who had proof that summonses have been issued to drivers who speed south along East 108th Street .

The speeding problem, which has plagued residents along the entire East 108th Street strip from Flatlands Avenue to Seaview Avenue, was brought to officers’ attention at the last South Canarsie Civic Association meeting. Officer White said radar has been used at various times along East 108th Street and numerous tickets have been issued.

The next scheduled meeting of the South Canarsie Civic Association will be on June 9 at 7:30 p.m. at the East 94 Street synagogue.

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