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A Contradiction In “View”

Mr. Rogers:

Regarding your May 12 column, “Now About Those Interrogation Methods,” there’s no absolute evidence that torture led us to the location and death of Osama bin Laden, unless you believe former Vice President Dick Cheney and the so-called whispers.

You contradict yourself when you write:

1) That’s the kind of people they are; not the kind of people we are.

2) And later: Now is the time for our President to...become as hard-hearted as he must.

You can’t have it both ways if you intend to make any sense.

If we’re for torture then the United States has no right to protest when other nations commit human rights violations against American soldiers or even their own people. And, if we resort to those methods of interrogation then we become the kind of people they are.

Make up your mind or move your View to the right of the Middle. You can’t have it both ways.

As someone whose parents come from a Caribbean island where the government often used torture to interrogate, I will always find it distasteful, no matter the results.


Shanya Manville

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