2011-03-17 / Letters/Opinion

Warning To Parking Motorists


On February 21st, I discovered that my right front passenger window was broken into. I didn’t think to call the cops (I should have) because I wanted the window fixed immediately.

Since then I have heard and seen the same acts on other cars in my area. For instance, my neighbor upstairs just bought a new Cadillac and his window was broken into and my neighbor on the first floor has an SUV and the same thing happened to his car.

The same window that was broken in my car (the same side) was broken in his as well and he had to cut a plastic bag, along with some scotch tape, to hold it in place. He had a GPS and a laptop that was also stolen from his car. He called the cops and they came to investigate the situation, also he got a police report.

I have called 311 and they told me that a patrolman would come around in the early morning because the vandalism has been occurring approximately around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. in the morning around East 41st Street and Troy Avenue.

I thank you for putting this in the Courier because I have also informed others in my area about this nasty situation but I feel that a lot more people need to know about this.

Sincerely, Name Witheld

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