2011-02-03 / Other News

Lou’s Controversial Pen Pal

If you ask Canarsien Lou Schlamowitz how many people in high places he has corresponded with, there are too many to count. But one of those on the top of his list will be Hosni Mubarik, right, the controversial president of Egypt.

Schlamowitz, our intrepid autograph collector, said he has “many, many” photos, letters and autographs of the Egyptian leader dating “back at least 30 years.”

Of course, Lou started collecting photos and signatures not only of political notables, but other celebrities too and, when something of interest happens, whether it’s turmoil or a happy event — in any part of the world — he’s ready with pen, paper and an envelope to get his message out.

We’re fortunate that our Canarsie friend allows us to present his hobby for everyone to see.

Thanks, Lou!

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