2011-02-03 / Letters/Opinion

Angry Neighborly Advice

Dear Editor:

SHAME ON THE HOMEOWNERS LIVING ON AVENUE L BETWEEN EAST 72nd STREET AND BERGEN AVENUE!!! I thought homeowners were responsible for shoveling their entire property and not just the front of their home. I walk on Avenue L towards Bergen Avenue almost every day and since we have had all the snow, I HAVE to walk in the street. None of the homeowners who own corner homes have shoveled the sides of their houses.

Whatever happened to getting ticketed? The Sanitation Department is quick to give a homeowner a ticket for not sweeping leaves or littering. Why is this any different?

I know Sanitation has its hands full with all this snow, but come on. Or is it that the city doesn’t need the revenue!

Homeowners should have common sense so that people don’t fall on their property and sue the hell out of them. People get ticketed all the time on Bergen Avenue for parking. Why not for this hazard!

I nearly got hit by a car the other day because I was walking in the street and almost slipped on black ice.

Catherine Rosa

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