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Suggestion For Alternate Area Bicycle Path

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the City Department of Transportation was also sent to the Canarsie Courier for publication. Mr. Hayes Lord Bicycle Program Coordinator Department of Transportation Dear Mr. Lord,

Seaview Village, built as a suburban area within eastern Canarsie, would be ideal for bicycle paths. Some years ago, Community Board 18’s manager agreed to making East 108th Street, a residential street, an in-out depot route for MTA buses. That was done without community notification.

There are bicycle riders who use the East 108th strip, and would welcome the safety of a bicycle path, as would seniors who use motorized vehicles. Part of the sidewalk area along East 108th Street’s Fresh Creek Nature Preserve is grassland, and they have to use the gutter.

There is also a yeshiva on East 108th Street where many students play ball outdoors. A bicycle path would bring some measure of safety for all.

The path should be extended to Seaview Avenue for access to Canarsie Pier, and to Canarsie parks that are all along Seaview Avenue and the Paerdegat area, and Paerdegat Nature Preserve.

Thank you for your efforts.

Sincerely, Gerry C. Weiner

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