2010-04-22 / Other News

Road Rage Leads To Slashing With “Machete”

By Charles Rogers

Road rage just doesn’t seem to work anymore. You can get mad at a person, and maybe yell a few wellchosen words, but you should leave it at that. Otherwise you’ll wind up like the driver who pulled into a service station at Ditmas and Remsen avenues early one morning last week and found himself in a fight with a man who threw coffee at him and then allegedly struck him with a machetetype weapon, cutting him badly.

According to police and sources at the office of Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes, Bartholo Phillip, 59, apparently had parked his car in a service station at Ditmas and Remsen avenues at about 4 a.m. when the victim drove into the station and asked Phillip to please move his car so he could get gas.

For some reason, this irritated Phillip so much that he got into an argument with the victim and threw a cup of coffee at him.

Sources at the district attorney’s office said when Phillip threw the coffee, it struck the victim’s suede jacket, staining it.

Phillip then allegedly pulled out a “knife,” referred to as a “machete” in one published report, and slashed the victim in the hand, causing a large laceration. At the same time, the earpiece for the victim’s phone was also pulled from his ear and broke.

Police from the 67th Precinct arrived after witnesses called 911 and Phillip was taken to the station house and charged with three counts of assault, menacing, criminal mischief, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

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