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Heated Talks At CB 5 Meeting Over New PAL Space

By Aisha Al-Muslim

A packed room at last week’s Community Board 5 meeting. Aisha Al-Muslim A packed room at last week’s Community Board 5 meeting. Aisha Al-Muslim An intense exchange over Community Board 5’s headquarters ignited during the February meeting held last week.

The public meeting got heated when board members discussed their new building companion, the NYPD Police Athletic League, which moved into the board’s building on March 1. The board attempted to stop them from moving in by rallying support from local elected officials. A board member accused the board chair of not doing enough to convince the politicians to support their cause.

“I will address that since you want to question my integrity as a chair,” said Nathan Bradley, chairman of Community Board 5. He went on to explain that he had been doing his job, but that other board members also needed to contact their representatives to get their support.

Just an hour before the argument, 90.5 FM, a radio station in East Brooklyn, and a local gynecologist office, honored Bradley with a bouquet of flowers for his work with community.

The New York State Senate passed legislation that would give the New York City Housing Authority $40 million in capital funding and $70 million annually from the federal government, said a representative from State Senator John L. Sampson Office. The bill needs the governor’s approval. For more than a decade, 21 NYCHA developments have received no funding from the city and state of New York. Seven of those developments are in Community Board 5’s district.

Subway riders can expect the stations on the No. 3 line to be renovated, said a representative from City Councilman Charles Barron’s Office. The stations include from Pennsylvania Avenue, Van Siclen Avenue and Rockaway Avenue.

The board will hold elections for its executive positions during a full board meeting on March 24th, but only the Parliamentarian position is being contested.

Community Board 5 serves East New York, Cypress Hills, Highland Park, New Lots, City Line, and Starrett City. The next meeting will be held at 127 Pennsylvania Avenue, between Atlantic and Liberty avenues on March 24th at 6:30 p.m.

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