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By Charles Rogers

An East 94th Street resident returning from a shopping trip near Starrett City last Friday night was accosted by three men who shot him twice, police said.

Patrol officers from the 69th Precinct reported that the victim, 37, whose name was not released, was shot in the abdomen and lower back after parking his car near Avenue L, not far from his home. He said he saw the trio standing nearby as he was parking on the street in the snowstorm and, as he exited his vehicle they approached him and one said, “give me the bag.”

Thinking they meant they wanted a package he had picked up while shopping, the victim started to give them one of the packages when one of the attackers shot him twice.

It is unclear what “the bag” referred to or whether it was given to them, but immediately after the shooting, the three got into a Jeep Cherokee with out-of-state license plates and fled north on East 94th Street. The state where the plates came from was not disclosed

Witnesses called 911 and police said they were on the scene within minutes to find the victim leaning against his car. Paramedics from the City Emergency Medical Service quickly took him to Brookdale Hospital’s Emergency Room where he was admitted in critical condition. Police said he was not expected to die.

Officials from the local Detective Squad are investigating the shooting. They said when they arrived, a canvass of the area was undertaken and Crime Scene Unit officials discovered one spent shell casing, a deformed bullet and six .45 caliber rounds in a magazine lying on the ground.

They also picked up a baseball bat that appeared to have come from one of the attackers. Police said the victim has been arrested at least five times in the past, but there are currently no warrants out for him.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call the Detective Squad at (718) 257-6215 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577- TIPS.

All calls will be kept strictly confidential.

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