2010-02-25 / View From the Middle

View From The Middle

Health Care “Summit”: What A Bunch Of Baloney!
By Charles Rogers

Sorry, but I’m really getting fed up with this Obama guy (you’ll notice all that respectful stuff calling him “the President” or “Mr. Obama” is gone now. From here on he’ll be referred to as “this Obama guy”). I can see why his popularity ratings are going down: He’s not DOING anything! And when he does, he’s soooo tentative, as if he’s afraid he’s going to mess things up and doesn’t want to be blamed.

It’s easy to see why so many people are beginning to call him a repeat of Jimmy Carter. Heaven forbid we should have a hostage situation. I’m afraid he wouldn’t know what to do — one way or the other!

I had to start this thing out apologetically because, frankly, a year ago I had so much enthusiasm for this guy. I suppose the Presidential race at the time was between the lesser of two not-so-good choices, and he SOUNDED like the better of the two. As a matter of fact, he SOUNDS good now too; but that’s called rhetorical public speaking. A trait at which he excels.

Today, February 25th, this guy is holding a great big meeting (that’s the administration’s rhetorical way of saying it’s a “great big meeting”) where he’ll be joined by leading Democrats and Republicans from Congress to discuss and share health care reform ideas. It’s being called a White House Forum and ideas from both parties, plus the President (this guy), will be bandied about.

The summit is supposed to last about a half day and it will be televised, they say. At least on C-Span. Whether the networks or cable news will pick it up is anybody’s guess.

For one thing, with this guy presiding (I mean, he is President, meaning “one who presides”), we know there will be a lot of talktalktalk. But eventually he’ll let the leaders of the respective (I didn’t say respectful) parties have their say. We already know about the disastrous impasse they’ve been trying to overcome all year long — and there’s no reason to think it won’t continue, with both Dems and GOPers just taking up time and mugging to the cameras.

It appears this guy Obama will most likely use this forum to show the American public that “transparency” is as important as everything else; that the public has been invited as an onlooker to see the wheels of government turn and democracy at work.

Baloney! He wants the public to see what a good guy he is by bringing both parties to the same table. Health care reform is not what counts here. The aggrandizement of Barack Obama is the issue — as long as he holds the gavel.

Do you think for a minute that anything will be settled at the Health Care Summit today?

Tune in tomorrow. Things will be back to the way they were the day before yesterday.

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