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Future NFL Star (Or Writer) Has A Story To Tell

Achieve It Someday
By Romario Mason

Romario Mason

Romario Mason

Editor’s note: When a 10-year-old boy comes into the office and announces he has written a story and he “would like it published,” it’s time to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to him.

Romario Mason, a fifth-grade student at P.S. 276, last week showed our editorial staff the story he wrote during the recent school winter vacation. It wasn’t a school assignment.

When he finished, he came to us with his beloved tome and, after checking out its content, we discovered the youngster not only had a good “story,” so to speak, but he’s got the philosophy that can allow him to jump ahead in life.

Here’s Romario’s story. Along the way, we’ve corrected a few words here and there — not all of them. We left some just to give it some flavor and to let you know it’s coming from a fifth grader (with a grownup’s philosophy).

Everybody has a dream to become something, but we are talking about sports, here. Your favorite sport can change in an instant, just by trying something new.

When I was a kid in Jamaica, I did everything just to go play soccer. I loved it and was an expert. Later, when I came to America, I was introduced to basketball. It was cool, but I did not master it. With soccer now, everybody wanted me to be on their team when we played at recess.

In the year my mom met a football coach for the Brooklyn Chiefs who asked if I was interested in football, then I said yes. There I was, in another sport. I still remember how to play the sports I loved more before.

In my division, I was a beast on the field. I played linebacker and tackle on offense and defense. After the first week, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. It would be awesome to play linebacker and running back in the National Football League.

The best thing to do is get a Heisman Trophy in college. To get a good education and maintain my strength. I will probably go to the Gator Nation at Florida University.

My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings. My favorite players are Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and, of course, the one and only Ray Lewis. These are some of the best Pro Bowlers in football history.

In the beginning, I loved soccer and my name was from a Brazilian soccer player.


If people believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. The encouragement will do you good. The improvement in your career can mean good contracts.

I can’t wait to get a career in the NFL.

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