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Mayor’s Aide Discusses TPS Program For City’s Haitians

By Dara Mormile

Charles Glover Charles Glover Spreading the word about the national Temporary Protection Status (TPS) program, Brooklyn Borough Director of Community Affairs with the Mayor’s Office Charles Glover briefly discussed the provisions of the program at the February meeting of the 69th Precinct Community Coun-cil, which took place at the Hebrew Educational Society.

If you or someone you know is from Haiti and has been residing in New York on and after January 12, you could be eligible for the Temporary Protected Status.

“The TPS program will allow you to live and work here legally for 18 months,” Glover said. “And it will calm the fear of being deported and having to return home in the midst of chaos.”

After 18 months, he added, individuals return to the status they had prior to obtaining TPS.

Documents necessary to file for TPS include proof of Haitian nationality, a passport, birth certificate.

“You will also need to provide any national identity document from Haiti with your photo and/or fingerprint,” Glover said.

Proof of residents in the United States is also needed. Employment, school and hospital records identifying the in-dividual are required. The fee for the form is $50 and a $340 fee must ac-company the form for employment authorization if the applicant is age 14 to 65.

“We don’t know right now if the program will have any extension plans for those who wish to stay in the U.S. after 18 months,” Glover said.

There are two locations in Brooklyn for free TPS assistance: CAMBA Le-gal Services at 2211 Church Avenue (718-940-6311) and CUNY Medgar Evers Immigration Center at 1150 Carroll Street (718-270-6294).

For more information on the TPS program, visit www.usis.gov or call 311.

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