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Pct. C.O. Says Local Crime Rise “Due To Isolated Incidents”

By Dara Mormile

Captain Marmara, right, talks to residents at Council meeting Captain Marmara, right, talks to residents at Council meeting The new year started with an increase in crime in the 69th Precinct, but Commanding Officer Captain Milt Marmara told residents at the January Community Council meeting that many of the incidents are considered isolated or were crimes of opportunity.

According to the NYPD’s CompStat statistics, which the captain interpreted, rape, robbery, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto have risen within the past 28 days. CompStat is a monthly meeting of all precinct commanders held at headquarters, where statistics are discussed and, hopefully, positive resolutions are decided upon.

“In the two rape cases reported, both victims knew their attackers,” Marmara said. “And a large number of the burglaries are occurring at residences in the southwest area of Canarsie from Seaview Avenue to Avenue L between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. In most of the cases, burglars were able to access the house through open doors and windows.

“We’re also noticing a robbery pattern near Bildersee Intermediate School 68 and near Flatlands and Ralph avenues,” he said. “Canarsiens can rest knowing a lot of arrests have been made in the past few weeks in relation to the string of robberies.”

The commanding officer said residents should be wary of individuals wearing suspicious attire, such as black sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts.

Auto theft is another crime that has increased. “We’ve had 20 so far within the 28-day period,” Marmara said. “Statistically, Nissan Maximas are the most popular models that have been stolen.”

Captain Marmara was also saddened to report that many of his officers have been affected by the tragic events in Haiti. “Many of my Auxiliary officers have lost their families and a handful of my regular police officers lost family, too. The officers are trying to be strong and are doing the best to protect our community when people and homes in their native country are in need of help, too.”

Another personal loss by the precinct was the announcement that community activist and former Council President Catherine Krivorchuk passed away in November and the organization’s Sergeant At Arms, Lew Krieger, died in December. The council had a mo-ment of silence for all those lost in the previous year.

The next Community Council meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. on February 23 at the Hebrew Educational Society on Seaview Avenue.

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