2009-12-31 / Other News

Police Say Feel Confident Tonight In Times Square

Canarsiens who go to Manhattan tonight to help bring in the new year can go with relative confidence that there will be plenty of security on hand. No one, at this point, can feel that it’s too much, especially in light of the recent reports of the alleged terrorist who tried to set off an explosion on the Northwest Airlines plane carrying more than 200 passengers heading for Detroit on Christmas Day.

Although police said they’ll be discreet in the dissemination of officers, they’ll have a number of extra people on hand.

According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the brand new, just-graduated class from the Police Academy have already been assigned to Times Square and thereabouts, enhancing troops, including plainclothes and undercover officers.

As for other security measures, most will compare favorably with last year’s rules: No backpacks will be allowed and, even though it is New Year’s Eve, there are no alcoholic beverages allowed all day. If you try to bring in a drink or two, you’ll be easily seen by any one of the scores of surveillance cameras that are placed strategically from block to block.

Charles Rogers

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